The Pioneer

Fashionism is influenced by the development of social status through economic wealth and branding.  I am intrigued by the cultural impact fashion and name brands have on our society. I would like to expand this phenomenon by creating an art form which incorporates modern day cultural influences from fashion, style, and branding

Fashionism is the artistic visualization of the human obsession of branding and fashion. My concept of Fashionism will utilize the technique of trompe l’oeil and realism to showcase modern day fashion on a canvas. Trompe l’oeil technique will play on the art of deception within the picture frame. It will also, serve as a metaphor for the illusion of status fashion and name brands creates in society. By showcasing brands on a canvas, as opposed to using a human subject to model, I am showcasing our identity as a “blank canvas” without a brand!

Humans often associate our values and sense of identity through material objects and wealth. This new movement will frame this illusion of wealth that we hold onto on a canvas so we can value the brand instead of letting the brand determine our value.

I would like my artwork to evoke curiosity about the value of fashion, wealth, art, and status. I hope it will spark conversation and create interest in the human obsession of social status and power through the collection of brands. Through this movement, I would like for my viewers to consider what’s worth more, the material possessions on the canvas or the art created on the canvas itself?

So to my readers what’s worth more the canvas or material on the canvas? Share your comments below!