New Money series

Humans often associate our values and sense of identity through material objects and wealth. This new movement called Fashionism will frame this illusion of wealth that we hold onto, on a canvas so we can value the brand of art instead of letting the brand determine our value.

In this series I want to represent a new way to visualize fashion and value, on each of these note that I represent, there is a common duality which can be summed as power, wealth and since of identify. We spend money not understanding what individual value each print has on its faced value, from the unique to the obscure each of these bills represent a work of art and a world leader obsessed with fashionism. It’s the pure power hunger struggle to be forever etched on a print of history that continue to rise in value like the identify of a canvas and its artist. I’m here to exploit the scale of the bills to show my viewer the simplistic but intricate nature of each bill, each leader has the status of wealth and fashion that pioneered their ambiguity of power and social statues the forced on the world to follower, just like the brands I convey abstractly etched in the background.

I want my viewers to take a closer look at the notes on the canvas and understand symbolic art of Fashionism. I would like my viewers to consider what’s worth more, the material possessions on the canvas or the art created on the canvas.